Shower Installation During a Bathroom Remodel

The first step in learning how to install and remodel a bathroom shower is to identify the space that you have to work with. According to one Tacoma area plumbing contractor, knowing the dimensions of your shower is vital. Without these dimensions, you will not be able to find out what materials that you need in order to successfully complete your shower remodeling project.

Once you have your dimensions, the next step in how to install and remodel a bathroom shower is to decide whether or not you want to purchase a shower unit or if you want to install the pieces separately. Either way, shower units re not cheap. What you decide will primarily be on preference. In general, however, the already fabricated shower rough plumb fro shower installationunits are easier to install. However, they are slightly more expensive, especially if you already have the foundation and tiles installed for a shower. If you do not, however, these shower units can significantly lower the amount of labor involved installing your new shower.

Once you have selected the shower you are going to install, the next phase in how to install and remodel a bathroom shower is to purchase the general supplies you will need. Every shower is different. Because of this, the supplies you need may be different. Research your specific project, and purchase all of the supplies you need in advance. Having to run out to the hardware store many times in a day can be frustrating, as well as costly.

Here’s a video from Kohler about installing an ensemble shower…

Finally, you need to go through the process of installing your shower. The work area should be prepared. If you’re affixing an already fabricated unit into place, all of your affixing supplies should be prepared, and the surfaces you are working on already properly cleaned and ready. If you need to rip out an old shower unit, you will want to remove any residues and check that the surface you are working with does not need repaired. If you have concrete that is crumbling, this will need addressed, as it can damage the overall effectiveness and placement of your new shower.

Taking the time to do any structural repairs to your bathroom while you are installing your new shower will go a long way to preventing costly repairs later. Having to remove your shower just to repair something behind the shower is extremely expensive.

When you are doing the actual install, take your time. A few minutes longer here and there will help ensure that you do not make mistakes. While rushing will get you a finished project sooner, it often costs you time and money later correcting things you could have done properly the first time.

Tips For Repairing Your Garbage Disposal

Kenmore Disposal Unit
Kenmore Disposal Unit
Garbage disposal repair jobs shouldn’t be all that plenty, after all how many garbage disposals can break in a short space of time? To your amazement you find that quite a lot would be the answer or that’s what it seems like to you since you’re unable to get a garbage disposal repair man down to your home anytime soon.

For more info beyond the scope of this article, check out the Popular Mechanics write-up below:

Step-by-Step: Repair Your Garbage Disposal Unit

You would handle it yourself but you really need to get to that meeting, and the baby sitter is due any minute now. You sigh briefly and wish that it was the garbage disposal repair man instead. It’s not that the garbage disposal is an essential part of your life, but if the darned thing was fixed it would just make your life easier.

Leaving it untended and in that unfixed state you know, is just calling for disaster to rain down on your head. It’s really amazing what three semi-grown kids, a mischievous toddler and your husband can get into and get wrong if you leave it untended.

And if you delay anything for even a day, then you know that it will definitely get more and more delayed until finally something snaps and everything in your life goes to pot. Some people might believe you of exaggeration but you remember the last time you let something slip. Chaos had reigned supreme until you could call the last repair man, and you have no intention now whatsoever of leaving the call to the garbage disposal repair man until the very last.

There aren’t many options open to you right now, but you’re willing to grasp at straws. So when a colleague suggests you try the internet as the solution to all your problems, you beam with joy. That was it. You could find a garbage disposal repair man who would be able to come to your door within minutes! It was truly amazing what the internet could do for you.

However, unfortunately you find that it isn’t true. Just like the many phone calls you placed this morning trying to find a garbage disposal repair man, you find that the internet garbage disposal repair companies are all booked up as well. Next in desperation you turn to the many do it yourself sites. Surely they can tell you how to fix your own garbage disposal, and this is where you hit some pay dirt.

There’s detailed instructions on one site that tells you how to become your own garbage disposal repair man, and goes on to give you step by step instructions on how to fix your garbage disposal. You read through it and see that’s it’s not all that complicated and that you really can do it. So there you have it. Your garbage disposal repair problems are at an end, and you didn’t have as much hassle as you thought you might.

Here’s a really well-done video about repairing your own disposal at home…

Choosing an Oil Fueled Water Heater

When choosing an oil hot water heater, remember that there are a few things that you need to consider. The real fact of the matter is that there are certain elements which need to be thought of. For example, things like the viscosity of the oil and the relevance of it to the water heater that you are planning on buying could all have a bearing. That is not all; other aspects such as brandings and even price do have an influence on how satisfactory this product is at the end of the day. The right kind of oil hot water heater is needed for the optimum operation of the product from the moment you buy it.

Moreover, what you also need to understand is that oil hot water heater is far better than actually using electricity. While the latter may be far more expensive, the former is more efficient and cheaper. Also the fact that most of these devices are tuned into using oil makes sure that they are better off. Furthermore, in order for you to get an overall understanding of oil hot water heater, you must read up on this particular product. Just make sure that you understand the main factors when it comes to buying an oil hot water heater.

At the end of the day a proper oil hot water heater will be effective and efficient. All the while you will also enjoy trouble free service. However, not many people consider the main aspects after they purchase an oil hot water heater. You need to figure out if there is a warranty associated with it. This would go a long way in helping you understand the product you have bought and how functional it is. You also need to know what things to avoid so that you can contribute to the longevity of the product.

Finally, just make sure that before you end up paying good money for an oil hot water heater, you consider all the options that are available right across. All in all you need to be satisfied with the product. This way you are guaranteed to know that you have got a really good deal. Having said that proceed with caution when it comes to payment. There is after all a chance of getting a discount especially if you are ready to purchase old stock. The more information that you can gather, the better chance you have at purchasing something that is of decent quality.

This is one of my favorite videos about the many types of water heaters available to you:

How to Install a Hot Tub

private-hot-tubYou have bought a hot tub and expect it to ask for a lot of procedures necessary to install. Well, if you want to find out how to install a hot tub, the easiest thing is to rely on the installation or the owner’s manual. This is usually applicable especially in the cases when the hot tub you have bought is a portable inflatable one that you can place either somewhere inside your house or outside in the yard. In case you bought one that is to be permanently installed you may need to hire somebody who knows very well how to install a hot tub as this is his specialty or job. Either way the two most important elements in installing the tub are the heater with the gas line and the pump with its electrical line.

However, before worrying about how to install a hot tub you should figure out where you might want to locate the thing. Be it indoors or outdoors you can enjoy it all throughout the year and if outdoors it is recommended to place it closer to the house to avoid the inconvenience of walking long in the cold seasons. The location would very much depend on the room you have available and where that is.

Next you should get your material and equipment and figure out where you will place that. One suggestion would be to avoid locating the equipment in small, difficult to reach places as in time it will be more difficult for you to provide maintenance and repair in case that is needed.

The next step on how to install a hot tub is the actual installation. Here you are to follow the assembly instructions closely if you want to make sure you will get it right. Generally speaking, you have to install the suctions, assemble the base, fit the staves to the base, apply the bands and finish the tank top rim. Next concerning how to install a hot tub is installing the bench inside the tub. Of course you should not expect your tub to work without assembling the equipment as a final step.

All in all, hot tub installation carried out by yourself can give you a feeling of having made quite an achievement. Many manufacturers design their hot tubs so that they can be installed with very little if any professional help. How to install a hot tub is not supposed to be a very difficult task as more and more buyers would like to carry out this task by themselves, so manufacturers try their best to comply to this demand.

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Bathroom Remodel Estimate Tool

plumbing-tips-logoUsing a bathroom remodel estimate tool can help take out all of the guess work in your renovation project. However, before you use such a tool, there are several things that you need to keep in mind. First, you need to know what quality of materials you wish to use in your renovation project. Linoleum, for example, is much cheaper than ceramic. However, linoleum does not have nearly as long of a lifespan as well cared for tile. When you are planning your bathroom renovation project, a bathroom remodel estimate tool will be useless for you if you do not have an idea of the types of materials you are going to be used.

If you are not sure what type of material you wish to use, a bathroom remodel estimate tool may be what you need. These tools will allow you to price out how much each type of material will cost you for the size of your bathroom. This will let you determine if you can afford the more expensive tiles, or if you need to find a synthetic substitute. In addition to this, you can factor in costs that you might not consider, such as the protective coats of paint that will prevent the humidity in the bathroom from damaging your paint.

When you use a bathroom remodel estimate tool, you will want to record the various price points and what you estimated. This will allow you to think about the various options that you have and what is best for you. While this tool will take out the guesswork, it cannot make the decision for you.

In most cases, a bathroom remodel estimate tool will not include the cost of labor, although there are tools that can make estimates on the labor costs. Labor is a significant amount of the price of a bathroom remodeling job. If the bathroom remodel estimate tool you are using does not account for labor, add another fifty percent to the final amount of your estimate. This is often what is charged. Depending on the size of your bathroom, the expenses may be even higher. If you need to have the amount for labor, there are labor estimate tools that can roughly judge how long your project will take and how much the project will cost. However, many contractors will insist on doing an evaluation of your project before they will quote you an actual price.

If you wish to cut down on how much your bathroom remodel costs, you will want to purchase the supplies and do the installation on your own.